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Sheaffer Calligraphy Deluxe Tin Kit (SH/10033)

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3 Elegant Sheaffer Calligraphy pens
1 piston convertor
6 color ink cartridges

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Sheaffer has been a world leader in manufacturing quality calligraphy products for many years. All-inclusive kits of varying levels and configurations offer many options to meet the needs of all calligraphers. Sheaffer makes it easy for the entry level calligrapher to develop basic skills with comfortable easy-to-use tools and supplies while also addressing the distinctive needs of more advanced calligraphers. The Art of Fine Lettering has never been made more enjoyable than with the refined Sheaffer calligraphy Deluxe Kit. Three elegant Sheaffer calligraphy pens each with a different nib grade (fine medium broad) are included allowing for the most creativity.The pens come with an easy to use piston convertor and a selection of ink color cartridges. All are packaged in a colorful and eye-catching decorative storage tin. Makes a great gift for any calligraphy lover! Deluxe Kit Contents: 3 elegant Sheaffer Calligraphy pens. 3 Anti-roll caps. 6 Color ink cartridges. 3 Nibs (fine medium broad). 1 Piston Convertor. 1 Calligraphy instruction booklet 1 Decorative Storage Tin.
Practice the art of fine lettering with the Sheaffer Calligraphy Deluxe Kit. Presented in a decorative metal storage tin, this set contains everything you need to create distinctive and beautiful place cards, personalize stationery, or add a sophisticated touch to invitations. It includes a clear, concise instruction booklet to help the novice get started, and makes a great gift for any calligraphy lover.

The Sheaffer Calligraphy Deluxe Kit offers:

  • Three Sheaffer calligraphy pens
  • A selection of six ink cartridges
  • An instruction booklet to help novices get started

Calligraphy adds a sophisticated, personalized touch any projects.

Ideal For Novices and Advanced Calligraphers
Ideal for both beginners and more advanced calligraphers, this kit comes with three elegant Sheaffer calligraphy pens, each with a different nib grade (fine, medium, or broad), so you’re free to let your creativity flow as your muse demands. The Viewpoint pen features a visible ink cartridge and a comfortable grip, while the quill-style tapered pen allows for more elegant, controlled script. There’s also an easy-to-use piston converter, and a selection of six ink cartridges in a variety of colors (two blue, two black, one red and one green).

About Sheaffer
Founded in 1912 in Fort Madison, Iowa, the W.A. Sheaffer company began with the Sheaffer’s grand idea of a pen-filling apparatus that would utilize a lever system. Nearly a century later, the company continues to offer innovative, reliable, and stylish writing instruments. Sheaffer pens are used worldwide by loyal and diverse friends who appreciate elegance and class, and want their signature to reflect their individuality and good taste.

What’s in the Box
Three Sheaffer calligraphy pens, three anti-roll caps, piston convertor, three nibs (fine, medium, broad), six color ink cartridges, calligraphy instruction booklet, and decorative storage tin.

3 Elegant Sheaffer Calligraphy pens
1 piston convertor
6 color ink cartridges
1 Calligraphy Instruction Booklet
1 storage Tin

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