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Calligraphy Brushes – Another Way To Create Beautiful Writing

How To Select A Calligraphy Brush

Calligraphy writing is a beautiful art form practiced by hobbyists and professionals.

In a previous post, I discussed how to choose a calligraphy pen holder and nib(link to the article on learning calligraphy).

In this post, we are going to explore another tool that is used to create calligraphy writing – the brush.

The Calligraphy Brush

The calligraphy brush is used in Japanese and Chinese calligraphy.. The calligraphist must carefully choose a calligraphy brusththat best that suits his style.

Calligraphy brushes should have these key characteristics

ï The body of the brush must be round, enabling easy gripping

ï The hairs that make up the brush should be of even length

ï Hairs should be placed consistently along the brush – no hairs should stick out of the brush

ï The brush should be able to easily form a fine tip

ï The brush should maintain adequate balance between soft and hard hairs

The calligraphy brush with a set structure and these characteristics will allow the calligraphist to manipulate his brush better and produce high quality writing.

Types of Calligraphy Brush Hair

Many different types of hair that can be used to create a calligraphy brush.

Goat’s Hair Brush

This calligraphy brush is a white hair brush. They are highly absorbent.

The goat’s hair brush is perfect for performing thick brushstrokes. Many calligraphists prefer this brush when writing standard script.

Wolf’s Hair Brush

The wolf’s hair calligraphy brush is a brown haired brush.

This brush has stiffer hairs than the goat’s hair brush. Because of the stiffness of the hairs, these types of brushes are perfect for small script and very fine writing.

Writing strokes with the wolf’s hair brush requires many hours of practice to master.

Mixed Hair Brushes

There are calligraphy brushes that have both goat and wolf’s hair.

The mixed hair brush is intended for professionals and not recommended for beginners who will find the brush very hard to master at the beginning of their practice.

Preparing Your Brush For Use

When you first purchase your calligraphy brush you will discover that it is shipped sealed in glue. This is done to prevent any damage to the head of the brush.

This glue coating must be removed prior to using the brush.


ï Hold the brush directly under flowing water – this will damage the brush head and remove the glue coating

ï Use hot water to remove the glue – this will also damage the brush


ï Dip the brush into a glass of water that is room temperature until the glue coating is completely dissolved.

Calligraphy brushes are delicate and fragile instruments – care must be taken to prepare your brush for use and also to maintain the brush.

Calligraphers should carefully consider the selection of their brush based on their skill level, needs and personal style.

Using a calligraphy brush expands your calligraphy writing range and art. Take the time to properly select care and maintain your brush will ensure you being able to create beautiful writing for a long time.

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